What?…A Verizon Wireless iPhone?

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will be releasing a CDMA version of the iPhone, opening the door for service by Verizon Wireless.

Many in the industry view Verizon Wireless as having the best network of the leading carriers, but AT&T’s lock on the iPhone has been a real ace in the hole.¬† If Verizon is able to sell the iPhone along with AT&T, this parity in device availability may tilt users in favor of Verizon because of the popular sentiment about network superiority.¬† Indeed this morning’s Market Watch shows Verizon Wireless’ share price increasing on this news.

Availability of the iPhone through Verizon Wireless is reported to be sometime this Summer.

Top 5 Data Center Issues for the Enterprise IT Executive

A quick perusal of a typical contemporary IT project portfolio will show a strong representation of projects dependent upon, or directly related to the data center.  Changes in the growth and scale of data processing, applications, content storage, data communications, risk, compliance, and maturity of IT governance are all in some way connected to the data center facility and operational framework supporting the IT environment.

We collected data from the field and from discussions with enterprise leaders, to examine the breadth of issues involving the data center that are causing the IT executive to lose sleep.   While there were a multitude of issues revealed, and articulated from several perspectives, we consolidated the information into five categories and share those with you here.