Privacy and Content Governance – Increasing Challenges for Content Providers

In a recent article published by Scott & Scott, LLP, has been sued in the U.S. District Court by a group of individuals seeking class-action certification.  The plaintiffs allege breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation against  They are claiming that the website contains thousands of fake profiles, and that these profiles are placed there by third parties for illegitimate and unlawful reasons.  Furthermore, they are claiming that makes little or no effort to vet new profiles posted, nor takes action against these fake profiles.

Top CIO Trends for 2011

Early each year we post a “Top Ten” list of critical technologies or trends on the minds of CIOs.  For this post, we leverage Gartner survey results done late in 2010, as a starting point.  Last month, Gartner delineated its top 10 technologies for 2011 that will give technology execs the most bang for their buck. In this list, there are items that we’d expect to see on a 2011 Top Ten list, some that are a surprise, and some notable omissions.

Let’s get right to it: