New Tier Models, and The Uptime Institute Tier Ratings for Data Centers

Uptime Institute Tier III Data Center SchematicBob Landstrom, CGEIT, CISSP, CDCDP

The Tier Model for Mission Critical Facilities, created and governed by The Uptime Institute (TUI), is the most pervasively referenced data center tier model.  It is not the only multi-level model describing the quality of data center facilities, but it by far enjoys the majority of mindshare in this regard.

The four-tier model from The Uptime Institute was developed through thoughtful analysis and extensive empirical data from facilities of member organizations.  Quality control over interpretation and accreditation of tier ratings to facilities is closely guarded by TUI.  Awarding a tier level to a facility can only be done through designated professional services suppliers sanctioned by TUI.  Self proclaimed use of a tier rating by any company without TUI involvement exposes the firm to legal action by TUI.  Even so, misuse and misappropriation by enterprises world-wide is prolific.

Top 5 Data Center Issues for the Enterprise IT Executive

A quick perusal of a typical contemporary IT project portfolio will show a strong representation of projects dependent upon, or directly related to the data center.  Changes in the growth and scale of data processing, applications, content storage, data communications, risk, compliance, and maturity of IT governance are all in some way connected to the data center facility and operational framework supporting the IT environment.

We collected data from the field and from discussions with enterprise leaders, to examine the breadth of issues involving the data center that are causing the IT executive to lose sleep.   While there were a multitude of issues revealed, and articulated from several perspectives, we consolidated the information into five categories and share those with you here.