Data Privacy in the Cloud

We’ve just wrapped up day-one of this year’s Cloud Expo at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.¬† You know, it’s been nearly a year since I attended Cloud World in San Francisco, and over that period of time it surprises me how little new anyone is saying about cloud computing.¬† It borders on raining sophistry here at the cloud show, and definitions (and redefinitions) of IaaS, Paas, and SaaS are still being drilled into attendee’s heads.¬† Maybe the abundance of attendance is to be attributed to the possibility that the IT community is still sorting out architectural rationalization of cloud computing, but in my humble opinion it’s high time to move on to meatier food for thought.

It is notable to observe the number of businesses emerging to capitalize on the nuts and bolts issues that arise when an enterprise takes those first steps into a formal cloud computing scenario.¬† In that regard, one of the few “wow, now that’s cool” moments for me in the conference so far was an introduction to a company called Perspecsys.

Cloud World: Recap on the August event in San Francisco

This year’s Cloud World conference was a mashup of three industry conferences-¬† Open Source World, Next Generation Data Center (NGDC), and Cloud World.¬† Even with the combining of three (formerly) major industry events, the attendance volume still only merited the West wing of the Moscone Center.

It’s easy to blame the low attendance on the economy, but the low attendance could also have been the rather trite content of the conference sessions.¬† While I of course did not attend all the sessions, those that I did attend left me reminiscing about earlier conferences where there was thought provoking and informative presentations.¬† It’s not that the presenters were not informative.¬† It’s just that there was very little that seemed new or thought provoking.¬† Many of the NGDC sessions, while sporting different titles, were actually covering very similar and overlapping subject matter.

My real mission at the conference was to target those in attendance who are genuinely interested in acquiring Cloud resources, are in the process of building Cloud-based services, or who have been spending time analyzing the Cloud marketplace.  Of those that I spoke to, the following is a summary of their opinions and points of view: