Privacy and Content Governance – Increasing Challenges for Content Providers

In a recent article published by Scott & Scott, LLP, has been sued in the U.S. District Court by a group of individuals seeking class-action certification.  The plaintiffs allege breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation against  They are claiming that the website contains thousands of fake profiles, and that these profiles are placed there by third parties for illegitimate and unlawful reasons.  Furthermore, they are claiming that makes little or no effort to vet new profiles posted, nor takes action against these fake profiles.

Multiple Skins: Still a Problem for Social Networking Sites

I’ve written before about how the various aspects of our lives drive us to use multiple online personas, and that this is a shortcoming of social networking sites today. What I’m referring to here is that we all wear multiple “skins,” and to represent these personas online one needs separate profiles on separate social networking sites for our professional skin, our hobby skin, our family skin, our community skin, and so on. This is a problem of social networking sites today, and I’ve argued that it’s an architectural problem.

Social Networking Sites

Electronic Social Networks are something in which I have a very strong interest. Popular examples of what I’m referring to as an ‘SN’ are LinkedIn, Plaxo, MySpace, et. al.I’ve been a user of several of these (and one in particular) for quite some time.As new ESN’s have emerged over the years, I’ve been drawn into…